Team SMA Impresses At Kung Fu Championships In China 


Team SMA Impresses At Kung Fu Championships In China























From 7-11 November 2017, 5 members from the SMA Team were honoured to compete as a part of the National Protea Wushu Team in the 7th World KungFu Championships (WKFC), hosted in Emeishan, China and hosted by the Chinese Wushu Association.

As the world’s most prestigious Kung Fu competition, these championships always draw the cream of the traditional martial arts crop. This year, 3 850 skilled competitors from all age groups, gathered from around the globe to test their mettle against their peers.

At this year’s event, the SMA Competition Team brought the results of our disciplined training standards to China. We gave an impressive account of ourselves in front of our international contemporaries, with our students displaying excellent skill – proving beyond doubt that South African martial artists and especially Team SMA, have what it takes to compete and excel at an international level.

In a true testament to the skill, the discipline and the standards of training and coaching at the SMA Centre, Team SMA brought home 6 medals for South Africa – 5 bronze and 1 gold! This adds more decorated martial artists and yet another champion to the roster of driven individuals that we’ve been proud and fortunate to mould into world-class competitors.

The competition was also a great chance to use martial arts in order to build bonds that go beyond borders and cultures to unite competitors in the spirit of not just competition, but martial arts philosophy itself. It was an amazing experience for all involved and a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain a greater understanding of their contemporaries from across the globe.

We’d like to congratulate all of our medal winners for their hard-won accolades; Shuaimeng Liu for his world class coaching; and, of course, our new World Champion.

You guys deserve all the glory you can get!

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