Let lockdown propel you to improved mental and emotional health 


Let lockdown propel you to improved mental and emotional health

The rules that come with lockdown can have an impact one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. With stress and anxiety triggers such as finances, jobs, and the safety of your loved ones; facing all these things begs the salient question – how you are dealing with it? Is it in a constructive manner? 

We have just the thing to help tune your mind into the right frequency- EXERCISE! Not only does it cater to the young and old, but it ensures that your mental and emotional health gets better, with every time you do it. Think of it this way, the lockdown period may be calling for us to invest in ourselves by improving our quality of life. With level 3 of lockdown upon us, you can still take time to work out during the day out or wait for your kids come back from school so you can get into it together. All you need to do is just start! At SMA, we are believers in pursuing a healthy balance, in mind, body and spirit.

5 Lesser-known facts about the importance of exercise

While lockdown may have flipped the script and done away with our normal ways of doing things, it is not a bad idea to incorporate healthier habits into our daily lives. Take the initiative and put a twist to how your daily routine goes. Here are some lesser known facts on the importance of exercise:

  1. Improves the look of your skin- When you sweat during a workout, your skin releases dirt through its pores. This helps to rejuvenate your skin, while reducing breakouts and acne.
  2. Prevents signs of ageing- Not only can get whip your body into shape through exercise, but you can radiate a youthful look. Consider your workout an anti-ageing method.
  3. Helps against fighting depression and anxiety- Scientifically, it has been proven that exercise is a sure-fire way to improve your mood.  This decreases symptoms and chances of both depression and anxiety. During lockdown, this is a good way to cure those feelings of isolation and ease the worry. Exercise increases endorphins but also releases other chemicals that boost your mood, including dopamine, adrenalin, and serotonin. Whether you are looking to do low combat training such as Tai Chi or no contact training such as Shaolin Kung Fu, we at the SMA Centre have got you covered!
  4. A brainpower boost- Even though this attribute is closely linked to the psychological goodness in exercising, it goes together with what it can do for you neurologically. The impact of exercise goes as far as building intelligence and strengthening your memory. How, you may wonder? This is a process called neurogenesis- which shows that cardiovascular exercise improves brain performance and forms new brain cells.
  5. Improves self-confidence and self-esteem- Your efforts to workout speak to a great outlook on yourself. Be it mentally, physically, and emotionally- the time you spend working on yourself will soon show in your confidence levels. Even if you may not be close to your body goals, the fact that you are putting in the work is worth giving yourself a pat on the back! The more you push, the more results you get to see. Remember to have fun with your workouts, stay positive and do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Keep stock of your mental wellness

As we are in level 3 of the lockdown, there may be a difference to the daily routines we are used to. Do not forget to keep track of where you are at mentally and emotionally, even when the change comes. Do away with heightened stress levels by working out. This is something that can all make us happier as it is one of the fundamental attributes that exercise contributes to your mind. It enables the body’s central and sympathetic nervous systems to communicate with one another, improving the body’s total response to stress.

Of course, your body does get tired and rest is an important puzzle piece to keeping in shape. If you need better sleeping patterns, exercising is a great way to tackle that issue. It is a very underrated benefit as your body also needs plenty of rest to reset its built-in alarm clock. This alarm clock then controls when we feel tired and when we feel alert. Physical activity such as running, or cardio workouts routines have meditative effects on your body, which aid in more shut-eye time.

Exercise does wonders for children too

Physical activity for children goes beyond playing and PE at school. Children also need to catch a break from homeschooling or the mere fact that they are stuck at home. Why not make it a jolly good time for them? According to a recent health article “A physically active child is a happy child.” This quote holds a truth we can attest to as the SMA Centre.  For instance, our Wushu classes are great for kids as the art is a well-rounded one that prioritises performance and martial arts aspects. Not only is Wushu a mixture of martial arts styles, but it emphasises balance, speed, strength, flexibility, and precision. Children learn to understand and appreciate Chinese martial arts while they unlock the ability to be more disciplined and conscious in the different situations they may be in.  Exercise benefits children in the following ways:

  1. Muscle strengthening.
  2. Betters their mood, making them happier.
  3. Strengthens their lungs and helps keep their veins and arteries clear.
  4. Decreases chances of ill-health.
  5. Improves their concentration and memory.

Exercise and beat those lockdown blues

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you cannot go wrong with doing your bit to remain healthy through exercise. There are different factors that add to the need for a healthy body, mind, and spirit during this time- all you have do is start. We advocate for exercise as it helps you break away from the monotony of a daily routine. Exercise is a way of bringing new and good habits into your home. Have a look at our Family bonds: Fitness formationblog for more tips on how exercise can be good for your entire family.

Center your emotional and mental state with Qi-Gong

Exercise is for everyone! We agree that on some days, you might want to slow it down with a workout routine that is not as intense. One of the martial arts styles that can better your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is Qi-Gong. Translated as “Life Energy Cultivation”, this style is therapeutic, meditative and can help you exceed your physical limitations. Whether you are young or old, have a look at the classes we offer and take your quest of self-improvement with us.  Here are additional Qi-Gong benefits:

  • Mental clarity
  • Improves flexibility
  • Loosens muscles
  • Helps improve the elasticity of blood vessels, which is prescribed for both low and high blood pressure.

SMA Centre is here to help you

Do not let lockdown stop you from being the best version of yourself. Instead, take this time to invest in yourself, for the long haul. For all your queries on our classes, feel free to go onto our website or contact us. You can also check out our Facebook page for more content about what we do. Let us all strive for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


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