Get Your Life Back with Martial Arts 


Get Your Life Back with Martial Arts

One of the most under-estimated benefits of martial arts is the role it plays in substance abuse recovery. The practice of Martial Arts, though not a one-fits-all solution, consistently compliments other methods of recovery and rehabilitation:

  • It allows them to regain their physical health. Substance abuse often causes great harm to the body, and practicing martial arts can help restore health.
  • Self-discipline is essential to a successful recovery. Life requires persistent effort and a bit of sacrifice. By learning martial arts, the individual will be able to extend this discipline to other areas of their life.
  • Martial arts build self-esteem and enable one to gain mastery over their body and minds. This increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • Martial arts boost morale during recovery and effectively limit the incidence of relapse. By taking up a martial art, one begins to constructively utilise their spare time.
  • Early recovery can be a stressful time. This type of physical activity gives people the opportunity to release some of their pent up tensions.
  • The meditation aspects of these martial arts can also be wonderful for helping people to be better able to handle stress.

Drug abuse in South Africa is fast becoming a big problem. According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, illegal drug consumption in South Africa is double the world norm. The picture is not a pessimistic one though; many individuals in various communities have managed to recover from the clutches of abuse.

At SMA Centre we believe in helping individuals get the best out of their martial arts classes. We will go out of our way to offer creative tips to make your martial arts experience an unforgettable one! See more here


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