Celebrate Women’s Day With Martial Arts Empowerment 


Celebrate Women’s Day With Martial Arts Empowerment

On this Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognise that long gone are the days when the extent of a women’s concern for her fitness was limited to how much male attention she could draw with a beach-ready body. For the modern professional woman, facing all the challenges of her male counterparts – as well as a few that are unique to her – a fitness regimen should focus as much on function as it does on form. This is where martial arts excel, and it’s why we believe that every woman should at least consider signing up for a martial arts class that will put her body and her mind through all the paces that will prepare her for the world outside the studio.

So, join us, ladies, as we go through some of the reasons you should try to find room for martial arts in your demanding schedules.

Empowerment and confidence

‘Empowerment’ is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days. The way we see it, true empowerment comes from the self – only you can empower you. And martial arts training helps one develop the confidence that is the source of all strength.

A lot of guys prefer to hit the gym and pump the weights to inflate their confidence along with their muscles, but this is not an option that is as attractive to most women. Not only can excessive muscle mass look out of place on the slighter female form, but all that bulk does little more than inhibit some of a women’s greatest natural physical advantages: her grace, balance and flexibility.

Knowing that you are on the road to mastery of something is itself a great source of confidence and empowerment. When that something happens to be the ability to kick butt, you might be surprised at how much confidence you’ll develop in your day-to-day interactions.

Physical fitness and cardiovascular endurance

Again, while the boys are pumping weights in preparation for… well, lifting heavy things, you’ll be honing your body and mind – perfecting your balance, developing your discipline, and sharpening your situational awareness. Fitness is an almost secondary – if inevitable – result of martial arts training. First and foremost, the physical fitness developed through martial arts is practical; it isn’t just about vanity.

Studies and surveys show that even working women take on the bulk of the household shopping and childcare duties in South African families. This heavy schedule of responsibilities means that South African women need every extra edge they can get. Between improved cardio and motor skills, martial arts are the extra edge that will keep you in top form, no matter the workload.


The elephant in the room, when discussing the benefits of martial arts to women is, of course, self-defence. As we all know, crime is a central talking point to any discussion about living in South Africa. It’s a daily reality that we all have to contend with, but women especially are its targets. No one at the SMA Centre would ever suggest fighting as a first option when confronted with potentially violent crime, but martial arts are about more than just kicking bad guys in the head.

With styles such as Wuxian Combat (developed for the South African context, and offered exclusively through the SMA Centre) emphasising self- and situational-awareness, the martial arts can be a great tool for avoiding or escaping from dangerous circumstances, not just for punching faces until you’re out of trouble.

Join SMA for world-class martial arts training

The SMA team has no shortage of champions and medallists, both national and international, standing ready to train your body and hone your mind for the challenges of the modern world. Whether you want the adaptability encouraged by Wuxian Combat, the hard-hitting striking of Sanda or San Thai, or the philosophical and physical development of Kung Fu, contact us today and investigate training developed to empower you.


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