Celebrate Heritage Month by Learning a New Art at the SMA Centre 


Celebrate Heritage Month by Learning a New Art at the SMA Centre

On September 24, we celebrate Heritage Day when South Africans acknowledge their diversity, culture and beliefs. At the Shuaimeng Liu Martial Arts Centre, we recognise a truly Chinese culture, Chinese martial arts, which we have made distinctively South African. Rooted in rich origins, our classes are tailor made for everyone to reap the many benefits of being a martial artist. What a better way to recognise our diverse heritage than by learning a new art at the centre?

Self-defence classes had been available in South Africa before the SMA Centre was born in 2005. However they lacked the traditional Chinese martial arts component that is our pride and joy. At the centre we offer classes that allow individuals and communities coaching in this discipline by professional national and international gold medallists whose prowess is the result of ages old Chinese traditions and values which are adored by our students and martial artists at large. This will take your self-defence game to the next level.

Our traditional and mixed martial arts classes offer professional coaching that will improve your body, mind and soul. For instance, Qigong is renowned for its health its health benefits as a form of alternative therapy and its purported value in allowing practitioners of the martial arts to exceed their physical limitations. This practice has existed for at least 4 000 years, and owes its modern-day existence to the overlapping influences of traditional Chinese philosophy, medicine, and martial arts. Students can achieve internal balance through a combination of balletic movements, meditative techniques and the perfection of postures drawn from the art’s Buddhist yoga influences.

Learning martial arts with our experts will help boost your confidence. For this, SMA has heritage rich San Da which has evolved to infuse traditional Chinese martial arts and modern forms of combat. Further, this will improve your efficiency and accuracy in every move. Although it was used as a form of military training in China, it is now practised as a competitive culture and sport across the world.

By virtue of the rigorous training our instructors have, they can instil a new culture of fitness in you. At the SMA Centre, our core fitness programme was originally structured for use by martial artists, for whom core strength is essential to meeting the demands of training and competition. But now, it is a culture that is essential to anyone who cares about their health.

All the martial arts styles at SMA Centre are proudly Chinese yet tailored for the unique South African community. Heritage Month is the perfect time to learn a new martial arts culture that is truly Chinese and will improve your body mind and soul. Enrolling for these, and more, classes is easy.  All you need to do is contact us and let us get you set on the path of celebrating your diversity with Chinese martial arts.


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