Be Safe This Silly Season 


Be Safe This Silly Season

Develop your situational awareness with the SMA Centre

With Christmas cheer starting to fill the air, and yuletide celebrations on the horizon, it’s clear that the festive season is fast-approaching. And, with it comes an opportunity for all of us to finally set aside the grind of the year, put our feet up, and relax for a couple of weeks before diving headfirst into the challenges that await us in the year to come.

Unfortunately, in South Africa, it can also be a dangerous time of year and, whether you’re going on holiday to somewhere new or will be staying behind in a ghost town while everyone else goes to the seaside, it pays to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Because criminals with ill-intent are looking for opportunities of their own.

The best fight is the fight you can avoid, which is why situational awareness is such an important part of many martial arts; such as the SMA Centre-exclusive Wuxian Combat, which was developed specifically to prepare students for the unpredictability of the world beyond training.

But, since this isn’t the matrix, and we can’t upload skills directly to your brain, we thought we’d use this month’s blog space to give you some practical hints on maintaining a high situational awareness, so that you can avoid or escape whatever circumstances might arise, before a situation grows beyond your control.

Actively observe

There’s no need to be paranoid, but situational awareness starts with observation. So, look up from your smart phone and take the time to notice what’s around you: people, objects, and entry and exit points. It might sound basic, but familiarity with your surroundings could save precious decision-making seconds in the event that you must respond to an emergency.

Practise prediction

We all hear about all sorts of crimes and emergencies every day. Rather than trying to ignore unfortunate events, pay attention, and consider what you might do if you were to ever find yourself facing similar circumstances.

Trust your gut

You’re probably already more aware than you know. Our instincts for danger have served us well for thousands of years, and you shouldn’t dismiss the fight-or-flight instinct of your own inner caveman. If you feel uncertain about a situation that you’re in, consider that something you have not consciously noticed might be out of place, causing you discomfort. Pay extra attention to your surroundings, noting even tiny details and, if you cannot assuage your worry, consider leaving.

Join the SMA Centre

With a wide range of martial arts styles on offer, and a training philosophy that balances competitive requirements against the unpredictable reality of the world outside the studio, the SMA Centre offers not only the development of your situational awareness, but the tools and techniques to handle the unexpected. Contact us today to find out more!


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