3 Big Benefits of Starting Martial Arts In Your Golden Years 


3 Big Benefits of Starting Martial Arts In Your Golden Years

You’re never too old to start training martial arts and while many people think of kids when they think “beginner”, the truth is that there are easily as many reasons for over-50s to train as there are for under-15s.

So, if you’re in your senior years, looking for a new challenge and have never given martial arts a try, here are just a few reasons to consider changing that and signing up.

  1. It renews the mind, body, and spirit

It’s no secret that the vigour of youth fades with the passage of time.

While there’s little doubt that there is beauty in the accumulation of wisdom and experience that comes with age, it’s also a fact that if you do not work at maintaining your mental and physical fitness, your faculties will gradually become impaired.

Heart disease becomes more common after the age of 40, and strength and flexibility diminishes after 50, but the discipline of constant practise, the physical exertion and the mental alertness demanded by a well-maintained martial arts routine helps to forestall the process of aging, slowing the roll of father time.

  1. It introduces you to new people

Humans are social creatures, and engaging in healthy, positive social activities is beneficial to our mental health. Unfortunately, as you move toward the age of retirement, your circle of friends will often diminish, you’ll leave the working environment and attend fewer social gatherings.

This means that there are fewer opportunities for meeting new people, making new friends and involving yourself in the social activities that keep us all engaged in the world.

Martial arts classes provide a forum for meeting new people, creating new friendships and joining a diverse community of those who are actively engaged in self-improvement.

  1. It teaches you something new

The accumulation of knowledge is one of the noblest of human pursuits, but after you’ve been around long enough, it becomes easy to settle into a comfortable groove. You’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt and there’s no compelling reason to step out of your well-established comfort zone.

But there is value in learning something new. It keeps the mind sharp, the spirit young and it serves to remind you that you are never to old to learn something new, develop your skills and master an area of life that maybe you’d never even considered before.

Join one of SMA’s low-impact martial arts classes

All ages are welcome at the SMA Centre, so consider renewing your body and mind with on of our martial arts classes. If you’re worried about the physicality of martial arts, there are plenty of low-impact styles – such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Qigong and Tai Chi – that are perfect for seniors.

Don’t hesitate, contact SMA today!


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