Wuxian Combat 



Exclusive to the SMA Centre Wuxian Combat© is a martial arts system pioneered by our own Shuaimeng Liu as an answer to the unpredictable reality of combat outside of the confined and controlled space of the training centre,

Wuxian is the Chinese word for “infinity”, and the name, Wuxian Combat©, is a reference to the unlimited permutations of situations that a combatant may be faced with in the real world.

Drawing from his extensive and varied martial arts background, Shuaimeng Liu recognised that no matter how complete any individual art is, it is impossible to have a predetermined response to every possible variable that a practitioner might be faced with in the real world.

As such Wuxian Combat© was born as more than a system of techniques, and its underlying philosophies and psychologies – amalgamated from many martial arts – are just as important as the physical training.


No two Wuxian Combat© classes are the same!

As part of the effort to emulate the unpredictability of the real world, each class is intentionally unique. One day you might focus on stand-up striking, the next session could centre around grappling and ground-fighting. The one after that might teach techniques for defending against, and disarming, and armed attacker.

However, the underlying focus of Wuxian Combat© is not simply the variety of techniques taught, but on training the mind behind the application of those techniques.


Wuxian Combat© prepares students for the unpredictability of the real world, sharpening the mind while honing the skills.

The advantages of this extend beyond the realm of fighting, and there is no aspect of one’s life where a honed mind and increased situational awareness is not a benefit.

Learn to read your opponent, be completely present in the moment, and allow your actions to unfold efficiently and instinctively with Wuxian Combat©.