San Thai 



Exclusive to the SMA Centre, San Thai was developed by our own Shuaimeng Liu as a combination of Thai kickboxing (AKA Muay Thai) and San Shou (AKA San Da).

San Shou and Thai kickboxing have their roots in the military histories of China and Thailand, respectively, and both lean heavily on pragmatic fundamentals over the flashier techniques of some arts.

Muay Thai, sometimes referred to as the “art of eight limbs”, can trace its history back to at least the 16th century, when it was practised in actual warfare, and as a sport watched for entertainment in celebrations, festivals and at temples.

More recently, in the military bases of China, San Shou was developed through intensive study of traditional Chinese martial arts. As a combat style intended to be used by soldiers in the most life-threatening situations, San Shou is unrestricted, incorporating a wide variety of strikes and grappling techniques to create a well-rounded martial art.


Bringing together the philosophical traditions of Kung Fu, the military precision of San Thai, and the multi-limbed whirlwind attacks of Muay Thai, San Thai is a comprehensive fighting art that arms its practitioners with the techniques to survive, and win the fight no matter where it takes place.

While the primary focus of San Thai is on the striking portion of combat, whether the fight stays standing or is forced to the ground, the practitioner will have the tools to defend him or herself, and even achieve victory.


For the student of the traditional martial arts, San Thai provides an amalgam of traditional styles from different regions. A student is armed with knowledge of versatile and effective combat techniques, as well as insight into the philosophies and histories of the martial arts lineages that San Thai owes its existence to.

For the mixed martial artist, the SMA Centre’s San Thai training provides an effective foundation of well-rounded skills that ensures its practitioners are ready for the cage, whether looking for the knock-out or the submission win.