Core Fitness 


At the SMA Centre (located in Rivonia, in Johannesburg North) our core fitness program was originally structured for use by martial artists, for whom core strength is integral to meeting the demands of training and competition. For this reason, the classes are dynamic affairs (utilizing an array of equipment from Swiss balls and kettle bells, to your own body weight) that change up from one session to the next. This ensures a mentally stimulating, balanced workout, that carries less risk of injury than simply weight-lifting your way to big muscles.

The program was designed for martial artists, but anyone can advantage of it.

A Strong Core Is Good For Everyone

While SMA is a martial arts centre, the core fitness program is not limited to practitioners of the arts, or even to Shuaimeng Liu’s regular students.

Our instructors are martial artists, experienced in, and cognisant of the benefits of core strengthening, but the participants can be anyone who wants to get into shape for martial arts, sports, or just to look and feel good for summer.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a strong core, because every- and anything you do depends on your core muscles to support every action the body takes.

Building a strong core is about a lot more than looking good on the beach.

Benefits Of A Strong Core

The value of a powerful and effective core exercises is hardly a mystery.

From the Mayo Clinic to Men’s Health, every authority and pseudo-authority in the field of health and fitness recommends strengthening of the core muscles – whether to earn a beach-ready body or for the health benefits that come from a regimen of core-building workouts.

Aside from the toned abs and trim figure that a good core workout can help you achieve, other benefits include:

– A Strong Lower Back: A weak core can lead to back injuries.

– Improved Sports Performance: A strong core means more powerful movements, helpful for any sport.

– Easier Day-To-Day Activities: Whether vacuuming, gardening or moving furniture, a strong core makes everything easier.

– Better Posture: A weak core can lead to slouching. Good posture projects confidence.

– Improved Balance: Core muscles are the body’s stabilisers, keeping them fit keeps you on your feet.

Available Classes – Saturday 10:00 to 11:00 & Monday 5:30pm to 6:30pm