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Mind Over Matter – 4 Ways Martial Arts Equips You For Life
When people think about the martial arts, they tend to think of the training in terms of pure physicality, but the truth is that a martial artist’s most effective tool is not his or her fists, feet or knees, but rather the mind. Yes, the body performs the techniques and absorbs the punishment, but it › Read more
4 New Year’s resolutions to take your training to the next level
So, Christmas has passed and New Year’s Day has come and gone. 2018 is here! Don’t fret though. It’s not too late to commit to the New Year’s resolutions that will make 2018 the year you blast through your personal barriers and become the ‘you’ you want to be. The martial arts are already a › Read more
Team SMA Impresses At Kung Fu Championships In China
  From 7-11 November 2017, 5 members from the SMA Team were honoured to compete as a part of the National Protea Wushu Team in the 7th World KungFu Championships (WKFC), hosted in Emeishan, China and hosted by the Chinese Wushu Association. As the world’s most prestigious Kung Fu competition, these championships always draw the cream › Read more
5 Fantastic Benefits of Introducing Your Kids to the Martial Arts
    The kids classes here at the SMA Centre are a rewarding experience for our instructors who feel a great deal of pride at transferring their skills and knowledge to the next generation of martial arts enthusiasts. Our thrill at training up a new crop of martial arts masters is only a part of › Read more
Work Your Core and Improve Your life
Want a Beach-Ready Body? Try Fight-Ready Fitness! Spring has sprung and Summer’s not far behind! That means it’s time to shake off Winter’s lethargic grip and start building a beach-ready body. Of course, being martial artists, we at the SMA Centre don’t abide by pure aesthetics – as our packed schedule of fitness and martial › Read more
Enhance Your Stamina With Wu Shu
SMA Rivonia branch now offers Wu Shu classes. Register now and enhance your body awareness, stamina, reflexes and balance. Widely recognized by international sports associations, Wu Shu is a reasonably challenging form of martial arts because it involves a lot of practice including fundamental stretching, kicking and legwork in order to reach a basic level › Read more
Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With Muay Thai
Enroll for a Muay Thai course today and reap the enormous health benefits while learning to defend yourself against attack! Originally developed in Thailand, Muay Thai is characterized by its use of stand-up kicking, along with a variety of boxing and clinching techniques. It enjoys esteem and admiration not only within its country of origin › Read more
Martial Arts Safety Guide for Beginners 101
Listen to your coach: A good coach knows what you are capable of in every stage of the training. Medical evaluation: See a doctor to medically examine you for conditions that may be aggravated by intense training if you are not sure about your current medical standing. The coach is always right: If your coach › Read more
Tai Chi Chen
Tai Chi is considered to be an “internal” form of martial arts. It relies on slow, circular movements – gracefully performed – in order to focus the mind and attain a greater sense of control and posture over the body. Tai Chi Chen teaches the practitioner to focus one’s mind and energy purely on the › Read more
Unleash your energy with Shaolin Kung Fu
Unleash your energy with Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu is the most ancient form of Chinese martial arts, affiliated with The Shaolin Monastery in Henan, China and characterized by powerful external energy. It includes various forms, 25 weapons and famous styles like Tiger and Drunken Fist. Kung Fu training consists of learning a set › Read more
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu action at SMA
Catch Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu action at SMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that is defined by wrestling techniques and ground fighting. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is based on the ground fighting techniques of Kodokan Judo martial arts (called Ne-Waza). The fundamentals were taught to BJJ founder Carlos Gracie by Judo master Mitsuyo Maeda, Gracie › Read more
San Thai – Get more in one package
San Thai Get more in one package with San Thai and be one step ahead in the hexagon. Be one of the first people to register for the all new San Thai training classes- the very first in SA and globally! Exclusive to SMA, San Thai is a form of mixed martial arts (MMA) created › Read more
Shuaimeng Liu
The Master is Born! Shuaimeng Liu was born in Liao Cheng City, Shandong Province, China – not too far south from the capital city of Beijing. At the tender age of nine years old, his passion for martial arts and his unwavering determination brought him 12, 265 kilometres away from his home to the world-renowned › Read more
Half a Dozen Reasons Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts
Many of my friends often get surprised when I tell them about the exploits of our 6 – 12-year-old Sanshou students. Why, they ask in disbelief, do kids practise martial arts? Not many people know the benefits of martial arts and its contribution in building a wholesome child. The benefits are numerous and invaluable. Here, › Read more
MMA Don’ts in 5!
What is and what is not allowed in MMA? Every MMA fighting organisation has its own specific rules, and some universal rules do exist.  Today, we take a quick look at what’s not allowed. No groin attacks No knees to the head on a grounded opponent No strikes to the back of the head or › Read more
Get Your Life Back with Martial Arts
One of the most under-estimated benefits of martial arts is the role it plays in substance abuse recovery. The practice of Martial Arts, though not a one-fits-all solution, consistently compliments other methods of recovery and rehabilitation: It allows them to regain their physical health. Substance abuse often causes great harm to the body, and practicing › Read more
What Are the Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?
We have often received enquiries from parents who want to know if we recommend martial arts classes for kids. Some have ask in disbelief, if kids really do practice martial arts? Not many people know the benefits of martial arts and its contribution in building a wholesome child. The benefits are numerous and invaluable. This › Read more